AC Check and Refill

Our newest offer goes for those who like to travel cool. Supertreads is offering a special discount on your AC Refill and check until the end of August.


A regular car air conditioner service or regas will help to ensure optimum passenger comfort, particularly on those hot summer days when you need it the most.


Contrary to what some people believe, an auto air-conditioner system does not simply blow cold air into the car. The Air-con system is actually designed to remove the hot air from within the vehicle cabin and dispel it to atmosphere outside the car.


In order to do so, the airconditioner system relies on a number of components to operate effectively, such as the evaporator, condenser and compressor. Like all mechanical parts, these items are prone to wear and regular system servicing helps to protect them from breakdown.


During this week until 31 of August 2017, Supertreads offers you the check and refill for only £25.

This offer is valid only for bookings scheduled for before 31.08.2017

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