Car Service

What we Check Interim Service Full Service
X Vehicle Interior
Instruments, Gauges, Warnings Lights x x
Horn x x
Windscreen Wipers x x
Adblue/Eolys warning light x x
Interiors Lights x x
clutch operation (manual only) x x
seat belts x x
Reset service light x x
Climate control/ air con system x x
engine diagnostic codes x x
X Vehicle Exterior x
exterior lights & lamps x x
doors – operation and condition x x
boot – operation and condition x x
fuel cap – operation and condition x x
mirrors – operation and condition x
X Pre Alignment Check
Check steering, suspension linkages and ball joints for wear, damage and condition x x
Suspension – check shock absorbers & springs x x
Full tyre inspection (tread, pressure and alignment check) x x
TPMS inspection x x
X Under the bonnet
battery x x
battery wiring x x
electrics (battery, alternator, starter motor) x x
coolant level (strength and condition) x x
brake fluid (boiling point and condition) x x
bonnet catch operation x x
Check brake pipes & hoses x x
Check power steering fluid & top up (if required) x
Check auxiliary drive belt and adjust (if required) x
Check radiator and coolant hoses x
X Under the Vehicle
Visual brake check x
Full brake inspection x
fuel pipes for routing, damage & corrosion x
engine, transmission and rear axle Train Drive x
drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and damage x
exhaust system and mountings x
X Service Item Replacement
Replace engine oil and filter x x
Top up windscreen washer fluid x x
Replace fuel filter (diesel vehicles) x
Replace air filter x
X Final Checks
Vehicle road test x x
Stamp service book x x

Conducting regular maintenance on your vehicle provides the best defence against breakdowns. By carrying out regular maintenance, you are allowing the engine and other systems to operate under their intended conditions which will keep it running smoothly and performing more reliably. Service inspections also allow us to identify some of the most common fault areas and rectify them before they become unsafe or cause further damage. The next time your car service light turns on, it's time to call us and book an appointment to ensure you continue to receive first class car servicing at competitive prices. Call our Peterborough branch and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to book your vehicle in on a date and time it is convenient for you.




Previously, drivers were requested to have their vehicle servicing and repair carried out at their main car dealer, so they don’t invalidate the vehicle warranty. This is no longer the case. The EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 now allows drivers more flexibility selecting where they can get their car serviced without loosing their rights and warranties. Call Supertreads for more info and the most competitive prices for our outstanding services.

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